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Frequently Asked Questions

Understand what you're paying for and why it's the right move.

  • 1. What do I have to do?

    On the main page of this website, you can start a subscription. We just need your Email (for rank reporting) and your Website (what you want to promote.) We don't need anything else... we'll do the rest! Nice & Simple. :)

  • 2. What are Backlinks, anyway?

    Backlinks are clickable links - either text or image - on OTHER websites, which lead visitors to one of the pages of your website (whether the main page or any other page that is a good starting point for the visitor who clicked that link from the other website).

  • 3. How many Backlinks do I need to rank?

    Great question, and the answer isn't defined by an exact number. What you need is a combination of more/better backlinks that are not too old: more than your typical competitor.

  • 4. So 500 quality backlinks beats 10,000 low-quality backlinks?

    Yes, if at least many of those quality backlinks are on webpages that are still live, meaning pages that have been updated in the past 1-3 months.

  • 5. What is a 'Backlinking Profile?'

    Great question! Most companies have been getting backlinks every month or so, for years. And a bunch of backlinks appear from the work of others on the internet, so you get backlinks from strangers. And, those backlinks are of all different levels of quality: usually most are lower quality and a few are higher quality.

  • 6. How important are Backlinks for Rank?

    Extremely, in any industry with more than 10 competitors who are aiming to rank for the same keywords. Backlinks have a greater ability to help your website rank on keywords than anything you can do on the website, itself. That's because you can get ranked for terms where the words aren't even on your website, which you can only rarely do from on-site SEO alone.

  • 7. Is Backlinking important for all industries? Even local businesses?

    Yes - nearly all top competitors pay services for ongoing/monthly backlink creation. The SEO Industry (which includes the Backlinking component) is $80 BILLION/year in the U.S. alone. About $15 Billion is for on-site SEO. The rest ($65 Billion/year) is for Backlinking and Citations listings (citations are a cousin to backlinks). Backlinks is by FAR responsible for the greatest number of total 'paths leading to a website' on the internet... meaning that backlinks is the greatest measure Google makes when considering what you should rank for.

  • 8. Is there a 'Right' way and a 'Wrong' way to create Backlinks?

    Absolutely! To beat the competition, you want your backlinking profile to outweight your competitors. We recently created a useful backlinking training video (see links on right) that will walk you through everything.

  • 9. What makes some Backlinks worth more than others?

    From low quality to high: A link in a 'comment' down low on an unrelated page (which is the most common type of backlink for most companies in any industry). > The same link, but on a webpage about your industry > A link in a webpage that is actually about YOU > A link on an affiliate/referral website, meaning that several pages in a Menu work together to pitch what you offer, with links on some of those pages that lead to YOUR website. We create multiple referral websites that lead visitors to YOUR website, while also creating a solid 'backlinking profile' for YOUR website.

  • 10. How long do companies usually pay for Backlinks?

    Companies usually pay for backlinks each month until they are getting more traffic than they can handle. Then they stop, unless they choose to keep that traffic coming, so they can RESELL those incoming leads to local competitors for a commission (that is, they can 'refer' that extra traffic to someone else in town who has availability). So companies either pay for backlinks to create their own traffic, or to keep their competitors from getting easy access to the rest of the traffic.

  • 11. How do I track your progress with ranking my website?

    Great question! We give you access to the tracking system when you start, so that you can login anytime and see the progress: increasing Page Authority, Domain Authority, # Backlinks, and Keyword Ranking Evolution with historical tracking graphs! That unlimited tracking is included.

  • 12. What makes your backlinking service different than others?

    GREAT question! Here it is: the backlinking industry makes their money by creating more backlinks every month, to make up for aging backlinks. That means every time you pay through them, you get a bump in traffic which dies down in about a month. So now, you have to pay them again for MORE backlinks the next month! What we do differently is unheard of in the industry: with each month's payment you make to us, not only do we create NEW backlinks for you, but we also REFRESH ALL of your existing backlinks! That means that Google will keep viewing your past backlinks as STILL VALUABLE. So you aren't just REPLACING backlink quality each month... you're making payments on a live Backlinking Empire that keeps getting stronger with every passing month(!)

  • 13. What if I want to start a subscription for someone else?

    Excellent idea - you probably know the phrase, 'If you build it, they will come.' That means if you pay to drive rank for a company who needs it (you have access to the tracking system), then you can show them the results so that they're willing to pay you to continue. That means you can use this as a WHOLESALE option, and charge RETAIL to your own customers. :)

  • 14. Do you offer any Guarantees?

    YES. This whole process is 'pay for performance' (unlike most backlinking services). Any month that you pay: if we don't make a clear/obvious improvement to your tracking statistics, you can pause the subscription payment for the next month! That means this: if we want to keep getting payments from you - which of course we do since it's easier than getting new clients - we have to keep improving your website's scores. :)

  • 15. What happens when I want to pause or cancel a subscription?

    Not a problem! This service is built so you can level up, level down, pause, cancel... whatever your traffic needs are vs. whatever budget you have to work with. You have FULL CONTROL over your Growing Backlinking Empire! Build up backlinks until you have enough traffic, then pause or cancel until your traffic subsides to the point that you want to start building more backlinks to climb back up.

  • 16. What if I go BIG for 1-2 months, then cancel and start a lower-level subscription?

    It's a GREAT KICKOFF Strategy (and wisely used!) As you see from the subscription levels, it's just a matter of budget. The BIGGER you go, the FASTER you climb! So if you can hit the $750/$1000/$1,250/month for a month or two, and then you drop down to $125/$250/$500 month: it means that you saved at least 3-9 months of waiting time to grow that big. Then you can continue at a lighter subscription level for ongoing monthly growth.

  • 17. Do I have to choose between your service and my current service?

    No, you're free to use both. You might ask your current guys to specialize in the promotion work they do best, like social media marketing (and leave the backlinks to us)... or just don't tell them that you're also using a second service to assist their efforts. Google doesn't care how many website promotion companies, services, or efforts you put into your rank. The more benefits you find and use, the stronger your website sales become.   :)

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